(Holiday Sale!) (4 Packages of 50) Mud Butt Wipes
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(Holiday Sale!) (4 Packages of 50) Mud Butt Wipes, Extra Large Flushable & Biodegradable…


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ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS; we are proud to present you the Mud Butt Wipes, which are made with all-natural ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin E and chamomile, which help clean and disinfect your skin while providing a soothing effect.
FLUSHABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE WIPES; the Mud Butt Wipes are flushable, meaning that they won’t get stuck on the pipe; and biodegradable, which makes them environmentally friendly, so they won’t cause any damage to the environment.
50 HEAVY-DUTY WIPES; the Mud Butt Wipes come in 50-piece packages, with wipes measuring 12 inches more than Dude Wipes – needless to mention, you’ll get 2 more flushable wipes, which can be so much-appreciated in… well, “emergency” situations.
FUNNY GIFT; need a great gift for a male friend? Then why don’t you order a pack of the Mud Butt biodegradable wipes? They’re the best gifts for men, and your sense of humor will certainly be appreciated!
MULTI-PURPOSE WIPES; but these wipes aren’t only good for toilet use. They’re great at keeping you clean during the course of the day, especially after Mexican pizza, coffee, chili, fast food, hot sauce, wings, or a whole night of drinking beer! Backed by a 100% Money back guarantee. Click the Orange button to Order Now!

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Product Description

Product Description


Are you tired of small-sized wipes that simply don’t provide the amount of coverage that you need?

Or perhaps you’re in search of an amazing, fun gift for a close friend?

Then look no further, because the Mud Butt Wipes are the best of their kind!

Having been designed to handle your manly problems with ease, these wipes are made with all-natural ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin E and chamomile, which have potent disinfectant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. Chamomile and aloe vera can also soothe your skin, preventing redness and itching, as well as scratches that might cause you to feel uneasy. Our wipes are heaven literally.

Mud Butt Wipes are flushable and biodegradable, and they won’t cause any harm to the environment either. We take pride in the especially effective design of our wipes, which adds an additional 12 inches to the small Dude Wipes. They are just perfect for anything from “muddy” problems to face, pits, hands, and more!

What do you get if you pair regular toilet paper and our Mud Butt Wipes? A real king of the throne.

To list some of their benefits:

– Flushable and biodegradable wipes are great for anything! – Wipes clean and soothe your skin for an ultimate manly experience. – Great gift for a male friend. – 12 inches bigger than Dude Wipes!

Show them all who is the real King of the Throne with the Mud Butt Wipes!

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