1 Pair of Flower Silicone Reusable Pain-Free Removal Nipple Covers for Breast Covering Privacy Concealer...

1 Pair of Flower Silicone Reusable Pain-Free Removal Nipple Covers for Breast Covering Privacy Concealer…


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Made of 100% breathable cotton,machine washable.
Allows mothers to fosters a strong bond prevent baby’s face from shaded while nursing.
Folds into a mini pouch, small size also saves room in the diaper bag add portability to wherever you need.
Ideal choice while nursing baby is in a carrier on the front of mom’s body.
Lifemall nursing covers prevent mom and baby from hotter hot like under traditional covers.
Nursing heat / cold pack is 100% GOLDEN FLAXSEED filled, conforming to your breasts while retaining heat or cold for long periods of time (unlike gels in plastics or nursing heat pads skimpy on the flaxseed)
Nursing pack acts as a 100% NATURAL nursing heating pad with a 100% COTTON REMOVABLE and MACHINE WASHABLE outer cover
Unlike nursing gel pads, the unique shape of Lovies STAY PUT in your bra while minimizing shifting. This allows you to treat specific areas of the breast on-the-go.
Each purchase includes 2 nursing hot pads (one hot/cold pad for each breast or 2 surrounding one breast)
100% Brand New; Same Day Ship – California, USA; Always Delivered within 3-5 Business Days; No Hassle Warranty
Reusable silicone gel Nipple cover breast pads Easy to apply and resuable Self adhesive
No Tape of glue needed! So comfortable and invisible you forget you have them on! Made from silicone in a nude colour.
Nipple covers are perfect for backless dresses, backless tops, swimwear and much much more!
Measurements (approx.): diameter – 5.5cm/2.2″

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Product Description

Product Description

The Breast Silicon Gel Reusable Petals Nipple Covers are wonderful for wearing with or without your bra, under T-shirts, bikinis, sweaters and outwear. For the smoothest and most discreet look, these waterproof disposable nipple covers provide the best solution for activities such as dancing and running, cold and wet days/nights. Includes one pair per package.