RC 120g Capacity Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder
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RC 120g Capacity Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder, Hand-crank Coffee Mill—Black


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Hand Crank coffee grinder for Coffee lovers. The long handle ensures an easy and comfortable work.
TOP QUALITY COMPONENTS.Our high quality ceramic grinder assembly perfectly grinds the coffee beans to the consistency that best fits your desired brew;Comes with Glass Storage Container and Non-Slip Base.
Grinding speed / Finess is adjustable by twisting the screw. Up for fine powder but in slow speed, while down for quick speed but coarse powder.
Normally the grinding time lasts for 15 – 30 minutes, perfect for coffee lovers who also enjoy manual work and have enough time. If you need the coffee in a hurry, an electrical grinder will be better.
Powder pot capacity: 120g. Transparent glass pot with capacity mark. Also includes a spare lid to store the spare powder.

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Product Description

Color: Black

Do you Love Coffee?
Well then, you probably know that getting the best tasting coffee will never come from store bought pre-ground coffee. No matter how many millions of dollars they put into their marketing machines, they cannot reproduce the flavor, taste, aroma and experience of freshly ground coffee.

Our Grinder——

1.The burr is made from ceramic. The metal parts are stainless steel. All parts can be washed.
2.Ceramic burr does not have metal smell and will never rust. In addition, it provides consistent and durable performance.
3.The anti- slip cover helps stable grinding.
4.When the lid is put on, the container can be used for storing ground coffee. The burr unit can be placed onto the lid for storage in compact space.


? 50ml Grey Goose Vodka
? 35ml coffee liqueur
? 1 shot (25ml) of RC Dark Roast Coffee (or other) espresso
? Ice, as desired

How to use:
1.Put the small anount of coffee beans into the hopper and adjust the grind level with grinding beans.(Refer “Ajusting the coffee grind”.).
2.10-12g is normally good for one serving(120ml). Do not put big amount of beans into the hopper at once not to make beans spring out.
3.Hold the grinder tightly and spin the handle clockwise slowly to grind beans.(Do not spin the handle counterclockwise not to damage the burr.)

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